Monday, February 16, 2009

menu plan

i've never participated in i'm an organizing junkie's menu plan monday. i must confess that planning out my menu for the week has made me feel more organized- at least in one area of my life! here's the menu for the week:

monday: local roasted chicken, baked lentils, cauliflower au-gratin

***to do: soak black beans overnight, soak granola overnight, make bread***

tuesday: sweet potato black bean burgers, roasted new potatoes, fresh salad

wednesday: pizza night (spinach), fresh salad

thursday: verde chicken enchiladas, black beans and brown rice vegetarian shepherd pie, fresh salad

friday: vegetarian shepherd pie, fresh salad (going out of town for a mom's conference)

saturday: getting home from conference- if time roasted veggies and yogurt sauce over brown rice. if not- leftovers!

sunday: chalupas (local beef for the hubby, beans for me and kids)

breakfasts: whole wheat waffles, banana ww pancakes, muesli (oats, seeds, nuts, fruit), eggs & toast, oatmeal

lunch: chicken salad, green salad, pbj, veggie tacos, pita broccoli melts


Erin said...

Your menu sounds delicious! I'd love to know how you make the black bean sweet potato burgers. . .

Just another SAHM said...

I, too, am intrigued by the sweet potato/black bean burgers.
I tried making black bean burgers once & they didn't turn out so well... lol I'd love a different recipe to try if you don't mind sharing.

Mandy said...


Steph said...

man...that's a lot of cooking! Do you cook that much EVERY week?? I plan out my meals each week, but usually only 2 or 3....the rest of the nights we eat leftovers, or we have something going on or we just fix something easy like a sandwich.

do you have a good chicken salad recipe? i LOVE ckn salad, but but haven't really tried making my own.

happy cooking. if i need you for anything, I'll come look for you in your kitchen ;)

Partieof6 said...

Wow you have inspired me to write out my menu. I have been pondering on doing this for the past two days. I think I try to be a bit of a rebel and don't want to be held down by a menu, however I know it would cause the whole meal thing to go so much smoother! Anways thanks for inspiring. Are you going to the mom's conference with Jamie and the others??

mandi said...

steph- yeah- i do cook this much every week! we usually don't have much in the way of leftovers and if we do we eat those for lunches. or we let them go bad in the fridge...we are bad about leftovers!
nicole- i know what you mean. i don't ever want to be held down by a menu either. like yesterday when i went to the store they were giving away asparagus. for free, yo! so that changed up my menu a bit, but it at least makes me feel better to walk into the kitchen and have SOME idea. instead of stressing about 4pm...
i'm going to the conference with the lovely mandy (above you) and some other great friends from houston. i didn't even know we had a group from our church going.

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Yum! All we need now are your recipes! The verde chicken enchiladas and shepherds pie sound delicious!

cally said...

this is awesome.

is there any chocolate in there?


Brandi said...

hey, do this post again! great for inspiration. or just put up a few of your favorite meatless recipes. i'm needing to expand my repertoire. (sp?)