Monday, January 12, 2009

i've got it!

for the past year my bread has been tasty, but lackluster. i couldn't get the height i wanted. so over christmas i stole my dad's cookbook (that i bought him last year for christmas) and set out to make the world's easiest/loftiest loaf of bread. and my friends, i am pleased to say that i have met success! and she smells delicious!

so this is what i did. i set my grain grinder on the setting for normal bread consistency. while the grain was grinding i let the yeast dissolve in the water. THIS was the trick. why didn't anyone tell me this before?!? i usually throw the yeast in the flour, pour the water on top and mix. wrong. wrong. wrong. that's all it took. i couldn't believe how quickly it rose, or how tall it rose! man, if my camera weren't out of batteries i would be gloating pictorially, but just trust me. it's about 6 inches tall in the center!

here's the recipe. never mind the squattiness of this loaf. i was a fool in those days!

after all this success, i just might need to take the day off...


Brandi said...

congratulations! if you need to bake more just to prove you can, i'd take a loaf.

Mandy said...

Did you not do the first step in your recipe??? That is the part where the yeast dissolves in the water. :)
Congratulations on figuring out your problem!

Brandi said...

i think my recipe has the honey mixed in with the yeast too, and milk instead of water. all at body temperature.

who doesn't want to take a bath in warm milk and honey?

mandi said...

AMANDA! you didn't tell me to let it dissolve! just to put it in the water. you...holding out on me for 2 years. TWO YEARS!!! if i didn't like you so much you'd be in BIG trouble!

Mandy said...

Actually, it's supposed to sit there and proof for 15 minutes. Did I forget to tell you that part? So sorry!
I went through a phase where every loaf sunk. Then it stopped happening. I still have no idea what I was doing wrong.

cally said...

Oh you're just the girl I need to talk to. I got an awesome wheat grinder and have finally started making bread. Hooray. Do you have a Bosch? How do you mix your dough, or do you knead it yourself? How many loaves do you make at a time? Do you add gluten?

There. That about covers it.

My mom did teach me that if your loaf sinks, it's because you've let it rise too high. That's all I know.

Can I just come over?