Thursday, December 11, 2008


last friday i took the kids (and the husband and the grandparents and the aunt and uncle and nephew) downtown to play in snow. since it never snows here they blew some in and then charged $3 a kid a to play in it. for 10 minutes. and we were happy to do it, because we, as southeast texans, are desperate for snow. well, miracle of all miracles it SNOWED here yesterday! we spoke in hushed tones as we dressed in our non-snow apparel (just lots of it) and headed outside. we didn't want our shouts to scare it away. but once we hit the yard we couldn't contain ourselves. we screamed ourselves silly, spinning in circles with our mouths open wide, praying for a snow flake to make contact. and when it didn't, buddy just licked the snow right off the table, 'ooo, too yucky'.
in our exhiliration, i dropped my camera on my way out the door. that's what happens when you put a newbie in gloves : ). within 10 minutes of dropping the camera the kids knocked over the christmas tree and the cat broke a family heirloom. it seems that the snow caused some sort of disturbance in the cosmos- we just couldn't handle it! the snow is melting away now and it's supposed to warm up to 60', which secretly, i'm happy about. it appears that i don't do cold all that well.

check out brandi's blog for pics of our snow!


Crunchy Christian Mom said...

LOL. I heard they were going to do that in our convention center here, too! I'm sure it will be more than $3, though. I haven't told the boys yet, but it sure would be fun!

The Kramer Family said...

Okay, first off. Did you know that you and I chose the exact same Christmas background for our blog? Isn't that so hilarious?? I updated mine last night fully oblivious to your cute new background. I promise!

I'm so sorry about the camera, tree, and heirloom! When it snows it blizzards (sorry, couldn't resist that bit of cheese).

We had a blast in the snow too! But, honestly I'm not a cold weather person either, so I'm glad its going to warm up just a bit. I lock myself inside when the temp gets below 45.

Miss you guys! I hope all is well!