Wednesday, December 31, 2008

homemade christmas 2008

i love the week in between christmas and the new year. it is often quiet and a good time to just be home and play! after spending the entire month of december crafting under a deadline, it has been nice for me to be able to craft for fun.

making all of our gifts this year was wonderful! i have never been as excited to give gifts as i was this year. being able to invest time and love into something for someone else made this christmas very special. here are some of the things i made this year:

i didn't photograph one fiber art by moonpie, one apron, 2 knit hats, and the amazing silhouettes john made. here's hoping he makes a couple for us!

how was your homemade christmas?

coby's reusable sandwich bags (sorry i forgot them the first time, brother)


Coby said...

ummm...nor did you photograph my reusable sandwich bags. Helloooo, that was the most brilliant of all gifts that you made.

mandi said...

blurg...i forgot to add them. i'll 'edit'.

Mandy said...

I love all of it! You did so good. I caved and ran out of time, but we didn't do too bad. The grandparents did so good this year keeping gifts down to a minimum. I need to start now in order to have time for homemade gifts NEXT Christmas! :)

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Wow, you were busy!! My knitted slippers, snowmen and ornaments pale in comparison. I'm inspired to start MUCH sooner this year -- say, tomorrow?

imaginationinparenting said...

did you make 100% of your gifts? that's amazing!! these are great :)
I posted on my blog my handmade gifts if you'd like to see :) I didn't do 100% but I did well :)

thanks for sharing!