Sunday, September 21, 2008

leaving on a jet plane

did you know that song was originally entitled 'baby, i hate to go' but the producers found it too mushy and changed it to the manly, non-emotive 'leaving on a jet plane'. i mean come on, it's john denver. they can't fool us into thinking he's not sappy. ever heard 'annie's song'? but, that's not the point here...
we leave tomorrow morning for san francisco, to visit my sister. we have to leave the house at 4:30am! argh! i've already reconciled in my head that we will be showing a movie on the airplane to the kids. that's an early start to a long day. so now i pack, make muffins (john already told me that i'm not allowed to check an ice chest full of home made goods...we'll see...), clean, arrange animal and plant care, and try to get past my belly ache.
i am really excited about the this trip. we haven't been out there since way before the kids were born. it will be fun to see the city through their eyes. i've already scoped out the farmer's market near her and planned a trip there to stock up for the week. ah, life in the big city. you actually can choose from several locations on different days of the week!
but what i'm most excited about is seeing my sis. she has been allowing god to make some big changes in her. i sense her passion and transformation- i'm eager to be a part of her new world. we are different on several levels, but it will be incredible to connect on a spiritual level.

ok, no more seems that those dishes aren't gonna wash themselves!


Kellybird said...

happy travels!

Coby said...

maybe you should blog about your fancy photos