Friday, August 15, 2008

hey you guys!!!

this picture reminds me of the first couple of lines out of one of buddy's favorite books: "hey you guys! get to work!". and here they are, my guys, working to dig up the grass in our front yard. we have bitten the bullet. today is overcast, so it is perfect for some hard manual labor, however i don't have any plants to go in! and if i can ever put my pencil down and STOP planning, i can put the plants in. i am such a planner when it comes to gardening. we don't have a lot of money to buy and plant haphazardly, so i research location, companion planting, water intake, etc. and planning is good. but there does come a time to put the notebook aside and get dirty. and by the looks of this, the time has come.

here is the view from the street. check out my heirloom pumpkins there on the right. i'm a bit obsessive about these babies- i need to plant something else to divide my attention, quick!


Rachel said...

Wow! You guys are using all your available space--and inspiring me.

Would the book you quoted happen to be "Machines at Work"? Josiah loves that book, too.

mandi said...

yes! that is the book! and it has to be read like on the 'electric company'!