Monday, August 18, 2008

detergent help

ok guys, random blog poll. which detergent do you use on your cloth diapers and what is the routine (pre-wash, 2nd rinse, hot, cold, line dry, etc.)?

i know everyone does something different, but all ideas and methods are welcome. i'm on a learning curve here!


Coby said...

I thought all you had to do was shake em' out and hang them up to dry.

Rachel said...

I use Purex Free & Clear, ultra-concentrated. I only use about 2 Tablespoons on a medium-sized load.

I do an initial cold rinse, a long hot wash (where I add the Purex and about 1/2 cup baking soda), and an additional cold rinse where I add about 1/2 cup of white vinegar. The baking soda and vinegar do wonders for any lingering smells.

I used to go overboard on the soap and had some really bad buildup/smell issues and had to strip them several times. Not fun. Take it easy on the soap!

Amy said...

A shake of borax, a splash of vinegar, and 1/8 cup Charlie's soap. Cold wash. Then hot with only Charlie's, then extra rinse. Dry prefolds and soakers, doublers in the dryer and "hang" (ie:spread out across living room)covers and wraps, including pocket diapers. So far so good.
But you probably already know that. Probably baking soda would be better than borax?

Amy said...

Mandi- I've loved that poem since early college, and I re-read it today thinking of my kids, also. But then, towards the end, I thought it was a bit "worship-ful" for children...I think the beginning part, you are the future, throws us off.
Hey, we like the Cosby. Except we had to skip the funny part about drugs b/c we were watching it with Laith. I'm not ready to explain what Cosby's doing when he's pretending to snort cocaine, and Laith says, "What's he talkin bout??" So we moved on to dentistry and natural childbirth. Haha.

Mandy said...

i admire you for being willing to wash your diapers - or should i say buddy's diapers. i even throw away panties if they are too gross when we are potty training. i guess a landfill full of cloth diapers would be better than my pampers, though. kuddos to you! :)