Wednesday, July 2, 2008

moonpie, queen of the chickens

sidenote: the hairband in moonpie's hair is all sparkly and girly and brand new. yesterday she told me "momma, i love my new hairband. i'm going to wear it forever. i'm probably even going to wear it (dramatic pause) when i'm... bones" (eyebrows up and chin down for full effect). man, life with her is fun!


Steph said...

LOL! I love Moonpie! And I love that you call her Moonpie!

Anonymous said...

Your moonpie looks like my Aden, in all her dirty, nakie glory!! :)

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the picture - kids having the best fun - she looks like she is having a blast!!

Mandy said...

Okay - I think she looks BEAUTIFUL in this picture! (just ignore the dirt and underwear :)) But really, she does look so pretty here.

It has to be the sparkly hair thingy. Tell her it's working for her.

Bear thought it wasn't her because she insists her hair is darker. I think it looks lighter, too. I had to scroll down and show her other pictures before she would believe me. kids!