Saturday, July 12, 2008

don't call it a come back

once again i have decided to make life harder than it has to be- i have switched to cloth diapers. that sounds extremely definitive. it is more accurate to say that i am making the switch to cloth diapers. and i didn't go for the easy all in ones, oh no, we're going old school with the chinese prefolds. i have been researching and wrestling with the cloth diaper issue for about 2 years now (since my second was born). i really wanted to use cloth diapers, i just couldn't figure it all out. it seemed way too confusing on the web. so i continued to put it off until the elusive 'next baby' is born. but then i read some research that was disturbing to me. right now there is research going on that is finding that present day adult male infertility may be linked to disposable diapers. and that the 'crystals' used to make those suckers so absorbent is the same chemical that has been banned for use in tampons because of causing toxic shock syndrome. add that to the environmental issues surrounding disposables and i was sent over the line! the very next day i visited a shop in austin ( ) that is the cloth diaper mecca. they have it all. as i stood before the shelves i felt the shakes coming on. so i did what any sensible girl would do and made my husband decide. he went right past the cute organic all in ones that i was leaning towards and walked to the other side of the tracks- hence the chinese prefolds. as we drove away i could hardly contain my excitement. if it weren't for the fact that we had to wash them 5 times before wearing i would have certainly outfitted us all in a prefold. when we got home i set to work and by morning we were ready to go. try one- he pulled it off whining 'too tight'. try 2- pee every where. try 3, 4, and 5- see try 2. so my honeymoon is over. i must admit that i'm feeling disappointed. i really wanted this to magically work the first try- like i wanted it to be with breast feeding and sling wearing and potty training, etc. you'd think i'd learn! fortunately i'm going back to austin tomorrow to pick up john from the airport. i will be going back to the shop to get some advice. i know this is just me, millions of parents around the world use prefolds successfully. i can do this...

btw- any advice or stories about successful cloth diapering would be extremely welcome!


Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Congratulations on coming over to the soft side!! :) I started with prefolds with my first baby, too, mainly because of cost. I didn't spend much time debating, since there wasn't anywhere near as much available as now. But if I'd let my hubby choose -- he would have picked AIOs because they're so easy.

Now I have a little of everything, mostly Fuzzi Bunz and fitteds w/wool covers. And I'll probably be finished with them all by next June. *sigh* Actually, after 8 years of washing diapers, I think I'll throw a party. :)

jenny mae. said...

muahaha! as i wring my hands in delight i will also welcome you to the dark side. i mean SOFT side :) we have also used fuzzi bunz and fitteds as the previous poster has.

there is way way way too much information and options out there with cloth diapers. i remember being pregnant with my first and being very intimidated to start when he was born. but! persevere, try different styles and see what works for you. in the end the pocket diapers won us over as being the most practical, easy to use, and most reliable. if i were to start over today i would get some bumGenius diapers.

what covers are you using? that might be part of the leaking problem

Rachel said...

Yeah! I'm also interested to know what type of cover you are using with your prefolds. How often are you changing him?

We are using prefolds on our youngest, and will continue until she outgrows her infant prefolds and small covers, around 6 months or so.

For older kids, I love BumGenius diapers--I use the one-size pocket. It fits kids 10-30 pounds, so it's well worth the extra expense. I also like FuzziBunz, but the sizing means you have to buy more. They are great for overnights as they can hold more than one insert really well.

You should check out You can get some really great deals on used diapers to see what you like.

Hang in there! Maybe it will make potty-training easier?

The Kramer Family said...

Wow! Your story is exactly mine only I haven't made it to the purchasing stage yet. That is a major accomplishment. I have even went as far as to proclaiming that my next will be in cloth diapers!

I've been extremely overwhelmed at times with all that is out there on cloth diapers. I didn't know this mega store existed in Austin. I need to go browse since I can't make them myself- I'm sewing illiterate.

I can't wait to chat more about this!

p.s. I think it is super cool that Rachel S. is commenting here. They are friends from our previously wonderful church in College Station- you may personally know her already. She is the "Queen of Cloth Diapers".

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Sorry, somehow I missed that you were having leakage problems! Are you using a Snappi with the prefolds? They're just a little rubber piece that holds the diaper on tight. Also, there are lots of ways to put on a prefold, depending on the size of your baby. The shop owner should be be able to show you some.

Amber said...

I'm just catching up on some of your posts and found that you made the switch. Congratulations and welcome!

I started over 2 yrs ago with my first baby. It took me about 4 months to decide If I would use cloth or disposable, What kind and How much to get/spend. I just got a few sample packages and tried them out for a month or two on her after she was born. I wound up liking Fuzzy Bunz the best and have stuck with them ever since. Now my son (1 yr old) is using the same diapers as she did at his age and baby #3 will be using them in about 7 months.

I too have leak problems on occasion, I usually find that after a good wash with out soap and a line dry (so as not to get any dryer sheet crude on them) brings them back to normal.

Good Luck!