Thursday, July 24, 2008

breakfast pie

this morning moonpie greeted me first off, in full princess garb, pining for pie. for breakfast. we had no pie on hand and come on, pie for breakfast? but the more we thought about this, the better it sounded, so i set off to make a breakfast pie using the fresh figs we picked yesterday and some various berries we had on hand. the result was more cobbler-esque than pie, but it was awfully delicious. here's what we did:

*disclaimer: i made this up on the fly so we have no actual measurements. just what 'felt' right at the time!*


about 1 cup of almonds

8 soaked dates

enough date soak water to hold it all together

we pureed this in the food processor until it was a dough- like consistency.

pressed into pie pan

bake on 375' for about 10 minutes to firm up


10 or so fresh figs (moonpie cut into fourths)

1/2 cup blue berries

handful of raspberries

less than 1 tsp agave nectar (in hindsight, i would have used more date soak water- didn't have any left)

pinch of cinnamon

mix all together and let sit while crust continues to bake

throw the fruit mix on top of the crust and bake for about 15 minutes on 375'

scoop out and enjoy!

*the kids wanted yogurt on top so we used our full fat, live yogurt with a little vanilla extract to offset the tartness*

i always try to keep a jar of dates soaking in the fridge. they are nice and soft for smoothies, raw treats or baking and the soak water is delicious! i use this in place of a liquid sweetener often.

moonpie and i love to create recipes together. i really encourage you to throw out the cookbooks (on occasion!) and have an adventure in the kitchen.


Cindy said...

Looks yummy. I want some when I come. Ya'll are so smart!

Amy Robertson Griffin said...

Delicioso. In the picture, I thought it had ice cream (not yogurt) on it. I was like, whoa, serious breakfast! (I bet it'd be good with ice cream, too.) All right. Never soaked the granola for the new recipe with zest sans o.j. Perhaps I'll do it this a.m. Have y'all started reading Mr. Berry's Unsettling? Oh, by the way, my blog is
See you tonight. We're bringing a surprise...dum dum dum.

Brandi said...

you're not going to believe this, but i just saw that exact recipe in my vegetarian cookbook. it calls for dry dates and water and no baking, but otherwise is identical. i'm trying it today. i haven't decided if i'll bake it after the fruit is in, or just macerate the fruit and call it done.