Saturday, June 14, 2008

music to my ears!

this is the news i woke up to on this glorious morning:

According to The New York Times, "seed companies and garden shops say that not since the rampant inflation of the 1970s has there been such an uptick in interest in growing food at home." The Huffington Post, ABC, and NBC have all surfaced in Buzz with reports about the surging interest in growing-your-own.

it is encouraging to read that americans are not simply sitting back allowing the circumstances to just happen to them. rather, we are taking initiative to make positive choices for our families! here is a challenge to those of us that are a bit ahead of this curve- take someone who is new to gardening under your wing. just one other person. can't be too hard, right?

in other news, of the family variety, tomorrow we leave for youth camp. this is my first time to take the kids on a youth trip. usually we sit back and tearfully wave goodbye to daddy. but this year we are going to my most favorite spot- glorieta, new mexico! i can't wait to show the kids my old hidden spots (like the caves my brother and i found). it is hectic getting everything loaded. i have baked muffins, granola and fig bars. today i am roasting a chicken, pre-cutting all veggies and preparing noodles al-dente. the funniest part of all is that i have no kitchen! i will be living for a week off of my toaster oven and electric skillet. i've been told i'm crazy...maybe this is evidence enough...


Mandy said...

You're not crazy. I admire the time and energy you put into taking care of yourself and your family. Keep up the good work!

And - my kids keep asking to help you with crafts at your VBS. What's that about?

Have a great time on your trip! Moonpie and Buddy will love it. This has to be so much better for JohnnieB(?). I'm glad he can take the whole gang on this one.

Steph said...

Well...I'm sorry to say I am among those who think you a little crazy for preparing all your meals in a hotel room with no just makes me like you even more! :) We all got our own bit of crazy, don't we?!

Y'all have a great week!

Oh...and I love that you got a Sawyer nickname! :)

Mandy said...

Lucky! Glorieta sounds like an awesome place for a youth camp (yes, I realize this was YEARS ago). I've been working my way through your blog. ;) The kids and I are always going to youth camps with my husband. He is in a christian band and they play multiple camps every summer. Anyway, I would LOVE it if we went to Glorieta. But I can't imagine cooking everything out of our room. It's hard enough trying to entertain them all day at the camps.