Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CSA Day!

today was the first day of this season's csa pick-up! i'm such a fresh food nerd! i had been looking forward to today all month. we got arugula, lettuce, radishes, beets, and my favorite, carrots. they then let us go into the field and pick strawberries! buddy couldn't get enough! he was picking one after another and had juice streaming down his beautiful little face. moonpie found the carrots a row over to share with her brother. my farmer friend amy and i were talking about the joy of sharing fresh vegetables with our kids. how their early introduction to them allows them to really taste the sweetness. they're not polluted with all the refined salt and sugar yet that overpowers natural flavors. i am blessed to live in a community with so much local food all around us (we picked up raw milk and butter from a nearby dairy farmer too). the ability to share fresh food with others exemplifies the meaning of community to me.

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