Tuesday, March 18, 2008

water, water everywhere...

i am an overbearing mother to my garden. today with threats of impending hail storms i bravely set out to cover my delicate seedlings with tarps. so far (9 hours later) no hail. only lots of lovely, life giving rain. rumor has it that plants like rain...what this day of rain has stirred up is my interest in getting some rain barrels out there to catch the rain. i need to get on that. the dry, hot summer will be here soon. free rain would be nice.

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Cindy said...

I wrote a long blog then lost it when I registered on google. Thanks for all of your blogging! I am passing this on to my friends.
i told Mike yesterday that you ARE my support system on this journey that I didn't want to take. I am feeling better, today. Some days aren't so good and the hypoglycemic affects, no sugar, are a litle hard to deal with. I am so proud of you for your lifestyle, and God as the basis will keep you stong in it. I have to pray to make it. Oh, and Bob ate his carrot, chard, broccoli, potato, cauliflower concoction, with a small bit of chicken, last night and even said it was good. I may try your pot pie without the pie tonight. Thank you, Sweet girl, and you have made this blogging for the first time person, even though it is just a comment blog, proud. Oh, and really cute chicks, all 16 of them. I loved my phone call!